Looking for a trusted Garbage Bin Rental Service Provider in Vaughan? Well, MiniBinsToronto might be your destination. Whether its cleaning out your garage, moving in / out, home renovation waste, or yard waste, or for your construction project, we accept most things in accordance to government regulations. Our competitive prices & reliable bin rental services have been the reason for our customers trusting us whenever it comes to garbage waste management. Our Garbage Bin Rental Vaughan team will drop off & pick up the garbage you load in the garbage bins. Our company works with GFL Environmental Inc and Waste Connections of Canada for eco-friendly garbage disposal.

What type of garbage is acceptable in our garbage dumpsters?

Our Garbage Bin Rental Vaughan & Woodbridge team accept both, clean fill & mixed waste. Charges for the same varies. Have some insights on what clean fill & mixed waste garbage are.

Garbage Bin Rental Services in Vaughan & Toronto

1.Clean Fill: Anything concrete like stone, brick block, soil, grass, top soil, gravel, sand etc. is categorized as clean fill. Mostly, small size bins are sufficient to accommodate clean fill garbage. It is usually heavy as it comprises concrete particles.

Our garbage bin rental team allow you to combine more than one clean fill garbage, But, you cannot mix clean fill and mixed waste garbage inside one bin.

2.Mixed Waste: Some waste products like plastics, glass, metal, your old clothes, cardboard, etc. are some examples of mixed waste. Usually, mixed waste is recyclable. The bin size for mixed waste purely depends on the amount of waste. Contact our garbage bin rental Vaughan & Woodbridge team to know more.

Note: As per government regulations, the disposal of hazardous waste demands a specific process to be followed. We don’t accept hazardous waste. Also, we don’t accept Tires, Batteries, Paints, & Liquids into our Garbage bins.

What are the garbage items you can load in our Garbage Bins?

The list of garbage items you can load when you rent a garbage bin in Vaughan is listed underneath. Have a look:

1.Home Renovation Waste: If you are renovating your home, there will be a large amount of waste that you need to dispose of. You can load the garbage like asphalt, cement, gravel, bricks, etc. into our garbage bins.

2.Metal Waste: You can load any metal waste like copper, aluminum, etc. Most of them are not recyclable and our Garbage Bin Rental Vaughan & Woodbridge team disposes them off in an eco-friendly way.

3.Paper Waste: Anything like cardboard, torn paper bags, wasted written papers, etc. fall in the category of paper waste and must be disposed of. Thus, you can load all sorts of paper waste in our garbage bins.

4.Wood: Your old furniture, plywood, or veneer falls under the category of wood waste. Most of the items in this waste category can be recycled. You can dump it in our bins. We will see if we can recycle it or they need to be disposed of.

5.Household Garbage: Your food scraps, bottles, electronic items, etc. are some examples of household garbage. We accept all of them other than the hazardous wastes.

To use our garbage bin rental services, book our services by calling our Garbage Bin Rental Vaughan & Woodbridge team now. You can use the contact number 647-510-2467 to reach out to our team.