Things that mini bins can & can't help to dispose off

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Mini bins are one of the most efficient options to get your waste disposed off. Be it home renovation, or moving out, mini bins can make things easy for you considerably.

However, you need to know the waste types that mini bins can help to dispose off to ensure that you don’t face any sort of inconveniences at a later stage.

Most homeowners aren’t aware of the exact things they can dispose off along with the things they can’t with the help of mini bins. This blog further on gives an idea about the same.

What are the things you can dispose off in mini bins?

So, what are things that you can dispose off in mini bins? Everything that isn’t hazardous can be accommodated in the mini bin. The waste could be anything. Be it construction waste, renovation waste, waste from moving out, etc. you can dispose off anything and everything until & unless it is hazardous.

Several times, it depends on the company’s policy when it comes to the items that can be disposed off using a mini bin. Hence, it’s wise to clarify the same from the company itself before moving further on.

Regular mini bins usually incorporate things like household items, outdoor materials, packaging waste, electronic items, etc.

While, when you desire to get the construction or home-renovation waste incorporated, or something that can be reused, you might require special bins. Again, it will entirely depend on the mini bin rental company you select to go with.

What are things you can’t dispose off in mini bins?

So, what are the top things that cannot be disposed off using a mini bin? Well, anything that is hazardous cannot be disposed off using a mini bin. Anything like car batteries, mercury thermometers & thermostats, chemicals, asbestos, etc. aren’t usually incorporated by the mini bin rental companies.

What is the reason for the hazardous waste not being accepted by the mini bin rental companies? To ensure the safety of the community and environment. This waste demand special ways to get disposed off, and hence dumping them into the mini bins aren’t allowed.

If you don’t know if any of the waste items in your waste is actually hazardous or not, you can confirm the same from the mini bin rental company and keep the confusion and inconvenience away from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have some waste items that can be classified as hazardous wastes. How do I get rid of them?

Hazardous waste is required to be disposed off in a specific way. It has to be ensured that the health of the community and the environment aren’t affected by any means. The best you can do is reach out to the mini bin rental companies, explain your waste, and get the answers on how to dispose off the same.

How do I recognize if my waste is hazardous or not?

Anything that possesses a threat to the health of the community and the environment is hazardous waste. Some prime examples of hazardous waste are car batteries, toxic chemicals, etc. In case of any confusion, you can reach out to a mini bin rental company and figure out the same.

I have paints left as a part of my waste. Can it be classified as hazardous waste?

Most people face this confusion in their minds. However, yes paint is identified as hazardous waste as it incorporates chemicals. Hence, ensure that you don’t rely on the mini bin to dispose off this waste for you.

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